August 2012 CraftSocial: So, You Want to Blog?

So, you’ve decided to start a blog or maybe you have a blog but are considering a switch to a different service or maybe (gasp!) putting it together yourself. There are a lot of options out there, but how do you decide which is the right one for you?

Join Barbara & Haley on Tuesday, August 21 at 2 PM for the August CraftSocial and learn more about blogging platforms, options, and how to start down the blogging path without getting (too) lost. :D

Have you already been there and done that? Let us know your experience and maybe you’ll be selected as a guest expert for the August chat.

Save the Date: June Craft Social

Rose by Celeste33 via Flickr

Rose by Celeste33 via Flickr

Break out your calendars and put a big red circle around June 19 at 2PM EST, the date of the next Twitter Craft Social. We’ll announce the topic a little closer to the date, but if you have some ideas, please leave them in the comments or drop us a line.

We are also actively seeking sponsors for events for the rest of the year. Interested in featuring your business? Let us know.

Haley and I will be doing a follow-up post next week to compile some of the tips shared in the May Craft Social, “Kickstart your Muse: Techniques to Fuel your Creative Fire“. We’d like to include any blog posts you’ve made about the creative process, creative struggles, etc. Please send us the link using our contact form.

As always, we encourage you to continue the conversation on Twitter or our Facebook page.

Craft Social is Alive & Well

Our summer hiatus has come to an end along with summer itself! We hope everyone had a great summer, full of fun and crafting! We are pleased to announce the next Twitter Craft Social will be on Tuesday, September 28 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM EST. The topic for this month is:

Crafty Trends: Good or Bad?

Had enough of wings & crowns in altered art? Happy to hear that socks are popular again? Should you craft ‘with’ the trend or do what your art-heart moves you to do? We’ll chat about all this and more next week!


Barbara & Diane