Roundup and Transcript: Setting the Stage for Productivity and Creativity

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In last week’s Craft Social twitter chat, we got together with guest expert Kim Werker (@kpwerker) to discuss how you can set the stage for productivity as a maker AND/OR craft business owner. We touched on everything from organizing your work area to avoid distractions to organizing a spreadsheet to track expenses.

Below, we’ve compiled a few key responses for each chat question. You can also download the full chat transcript here: November 2012 Transcript: Setting the Stage for Productivity and Creativity

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December 2012 Craft Social
Topic: Holiday 911: Spreading Out Creative Work & Avoiding the Last Minute Rush

  • Date: Tuesday, November 27th, 2012
  • Time: 2-3pm EST
  • Sponsor: DecoArt will be giving away a set of their Ink Effects product during the chat.


How to join:
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November 2012 Craft Social highlights:

The questions:
  • How do you define productivity in relation to making/your craft business?how do you prioritize your tasks, set you goals?
  • How do you capture ideas/create a to-do list? Online tools? Old fashioned paper and pencil?
  • What type of environment lends itself best to your work flow /productivity?
  • Does the way you organize your space make a difference in productivity? For example – do you lay out all supplies at once?
  • How do you separate your production time from your creative time?
  • Productivity is more than producing work. What non-craft tasks do you need to complete in your crafty life/biz?
  • What’s your top time management tip?

Download the full chat transcript: November 2012 Transcript: Setting the Stage for Productivity and Creativity

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Rose by Celeste33 via Flickr

Rose by Celeste33 via Flickr

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