January 2013 Craft Social: Gazing into the Future

John William Waterhouse - The Crystal Ball

John William Waterhouse – The Crystal Ball

The future – what does it hold? Is the Pantone Color Forecast an accurate way to predict color trends for the upcoming year? What about the latest sewing tools and techniques – where do you find out about them? Love the stitch pattern on the knit shawl you saw on your favorite TV show? How do you learn that? Do you need to travel across the country to the Craft & Hobby Association show to learn about these things or are there reliable sources closer to home (and screen)?

Join Barbara (@penguintrax) and Haley (@thezenofmaking), on Tuesday, January 22 at 2 PM EST to talk about discovering and researching new trends, the latest techniques and how to keep your crafting fresh, interesting and current.

What do  you think will be the biggest crafting trend for 2013? Bring your links, experiences and predictions to the January 2013 Craft Social!

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Resource Followup: Fuel for Your Creative Fire


McCall Magazine, 1940 via Flickr

Here is a list of resources we gathered, many with exercises and tips to help you kickstart YOUR muse.  Let us know if any particular tip really helped you.

Websites, Books, and Blogs

Tips from Craft Social Participants & Others Continue reading

Save the Date: June Craft Social

Rose by Celeste33 via Flickr

Rose by Celeste33 via Flickr

Break out your calendars and put a big red circle around June 19 at 2PM EST, the date of the next Twitter Craft Social. We’ll announce the topic a little closer to the date, but if you have some ideas, please leave them in the comments or drop us a line.

We are also actively seeking sponsors for events for the rest of the year. Interested in featuring your business? Let us know.

Haley and I will be doing a follow-up post next week to compile some of the tips shared in the May Craft Social, “Kickstart your Muse: Techniques to Fuel your Creative Fire“. We’d like to include any blog posts you’ve made about the creative process, creative struggles, etc. Please send us the link using our contact form.

As always, we encourage you to continue the conversation on Twitter or our Facebook page.