September 2013 Craft Social: Making Matters – Crafting Skills as Life Skills

September 2013 Craft Social: Making Matters - Crafting Skills Crafting Skills as Life Skills | Craft Social

Hello, Socialites! The next Craft Social Twitter chat is on Tuesday, September 17th from 2-3PM EST, and we’re so excited to be back in action after a lovely summer vacation. (We even gave the Craft Social website a little makeover to celebrate! What do you guys think?)

Since fall is upon us and students everywhere are heading back to class, now seems like the perfect time to talk about skills. More specifically, how crafting skills intersect with and complement your daily life.

Whether it’s mending a tent while on a camping trip, using those embroidery-honed fine motor skills to manipulate items under a microscope, or employing years of tutorial-editing experience to track down a bad piece of code in the computer lab, when it comes to creativity and flexibility in both the professional and personal realms (not to mention STEM—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), it turns out that crafting skills really are life skills.

Did your favorite math teacher use quilting to explain geometry or cross-stitch to show you how to map coordinates on a grid? Did your daughter’s chemistry teacher tackle the complex art of fabric dyeing to illustrate chemical reactions? Or maybe a skill you learned in crafting keeps popping up unexpectedly in the office? We want to hear about the ways that crafting has helped you either professionally, in school, or in your daily routine!

Join your fellow Socialites, along with hosts Barbara (@penguintrax) and Haley (@thezenofmaking), on Tuesday, September 17th from 2-3PM EST to talk about why making matters.


When: TUESDAY, September 17th, 2-3PM EST
Topic: Making Matters – Crafting Skills as Life Skills
Hashtag: #CraftSocial

Join the conversation using Twubs, or look for the #CraftSocial hashtag on Twitter.

See you there, crafty pals!

April 2013 Craft Social: Earth Day

Image of Planet Earth

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 23. Time slot: 2-3 PM EST (11-12 PST).

April 22 is Earth Day and to observe this event we’ll be talking about eco-friendly/green crafts, recycled crafts, and upcycled crafts. Do you use beads made from old bottles, create with hemp yarn, or make sculpture using the cast-off items of others? We want to see what you’re crafting and talk more about the crafting possibilities when you ‘go green’.

We’re going to have an awesome eco-crafting contest, too, with prizes from Random House books. Get started on your project now and stay tuned for details on how to enter and win!


Image courtesy of NASA Visible Earth project

January 2013 Craft Social: Gazing into the Future

John William Waterhouse - The Crystal Ball

John William Waterhouse – The Crystal Ball

The future – what does it hold? Is the Pantone Color Forecast an accurate way to predict color trends for the upcoming year? What about the latest sewing tools and techniques – where do you find out about them? Love the stitch pattern on the knit shawl you saw on your favorite TV show? How do you learn that? Do you need to travel across the country to the Craft & Hobby Association show to learn about these things or are there reliable sources closer to home (and screen)?

Join Barbara (@penguintrax) and Haley (@thezenofmaking), on Tuesday, January 22 at 2 PM EST to talk about discovering and researching new trends, the latest techniques and how to keep your crafting fresh, interesting and current.

What do  you think will be the biggest crafting trend for 2013? Bring your links, experiences and predictions to the January 2013 Craft Social!

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