Links from the June 2010 Twitter Craftsocial

As you may recall, the topic for the June Craft Social was Are There No Original Ideas?. The discussion that afternoon was lively and many tweeps posted links to pages with information in keeping with our theme:

We’re going to be gearing up for the Return of Craft Social in September! Keep an eye on our Twitter feed and this blog for the latest information!

Hope you have had a great and crafty summer.

June Craft Social: Are There No Original Ideas?

The next Craft Social will be on Tuesday, June 29 from 2-4 PM EST. The topic for June is “Are There No Original Ideas?”.

Since the dawn of time, artists have been wrestling with the concepts of plagiarism, derivative work, copyright, trademark infringement and ethics.   Have you had an eBay auction stopped due to infringement issues? What should you do when you see derivative works put up for sale, without proper attribution? Do you feel that once a tutorial is published, the author gives up his/her right to the design? Are personal use statements enough in today’s tech-savvy world?

We’ll tackle these issues, and more, during our two-hour session this month.  We’ve gathered a number of online articles dealing with these topics for your consideration:

Summer Vacation

Craft Social will be taking a vacation for the months of July and August. Socialites that want to organize chats during these two months, should tag their posts with #craftsocialhiatus.  Barbara and Diane will be back, full force, in September. Contact us with your topic ideas or sponsorship requests.