About Haley

Haley Pierson-Cox, a crafty, granny glasses-wearing Brooklyn gal with a giant crush on all things DIY.

As a kid, I made Rube Goldberg machines in my bedroom and filled notebooks with elaborate stories and drawings. Today, I’m a technical craft writing and tutorial-obsessed book nerd with a marketing background who designs DIY projects and blogs about crafts, handmade geekery, and all things domestic. I spend my days making things by hand and writing about the process, which is definitely the perfect grown-up job for that fidgety, obsessively organized, and overly imaginative kid of yesteryear!

Things that I love: Sewing, crafting, DIY, crochet, cross-stitch, embroidery, kitties, vegan goodness, my awesome husband, tutorials, right angles, beer.

Things that I could live without: Extraneous apostrophes, spiders.

In additional crafty goodness, I am a contributing editor at CRAFT Magazine and a contributor to Craft Test Dummies, where I write about needle crafts, sewing, and yarn crafting.

(For the record, I’m pretty charming on Facebook and Twitter too.)


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