October Craft Social: Let’s Discuss Pricing Your Work

Price to pay / Precio a pagar
Image by equality, via Flickr

Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions for future Craft Social discussion topics! Since several of you mentioned pricing, that’ll be our topic for October.

Join us on Tuesday, October 19th from 2-4pm EST. We’ll discuss:

  • How do we all approach pricing our work? (Maybe we can learn some good techniques from each other.)

  • What pricing strategies have worked well for you? Which ones haven’t worked so well?

  • How do you make sure you’re paid fairly for your work?

Because pricing can be a rather controversial subject, we think this is a good time to introduce some general discussion guidelines to help keep our conversation positive and productive:

The Craft Social Code of Conduct

Craft Social wants to create a space where all participants feel respected and heard. If you join us for discussion, we ask that you:

  • Assume that everyone’s point of view comes from their own authentic experiences and feelings. Whether you agree with someone or not, their viewpoint is still valid for them and deserves respect.
  • Express your disagreement if you like, but please word it kindly.
  • Participate in the conversation at hand. Do not use Craft Social as a marketing tool.

In the interest of healthy conversation we reserve the right to block anyone who refuses to follow these guidelines.

Whew! With all that said, we hope to see you on the 19th!

Barbara & Diane

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